Dr Ravi Brar, GP

MBBS, BSc (Immun), MRCGP, PgDipClinDerm (Dist.) 

Appointments are available with Dr Brar on Fridays from 9am to 1pm (excluding the second and fourth Fridays of each month). Please call The Private Skin Laser Clinic on 020 4552 3100 to arrange an appointment. Whilst a GP referral is preferable, it is not essential.  If you have any previous records please bring them along with you as well as a list of any medicines you are taking.

Dr Ravi is a GP with an extended role in Dermatology. He graduated from the prestigious Guys and St Thomas’ Medical School and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He accomplished a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology from Queen Mary University London, with Distinction. He currently holds a dermatology clinical fellow role for the NHS at the Royal Free Hospital and is a GP partner, as well as a trainer in Hertfordshire.


He has a specialist interest in acne treatment, dermatological surgery, cosmetic skin care and laser. 


Practising and understanding skin has allowed Dr Ravi to naturally hone his skills and his ethos echoes the philosophy that ‘less is more'. He is passionate about his patient-centred care to help his patients to look and feel their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click below to find answers to frequently asked questions. Please contact The Derm Rooms on 020 4552 3100 with any other queries.

I have insurance. Can I use this?

The Derm Rooms accepts Axa, Bupa and WPA insured patients who have obtained preauthorisation from their insurer for their treatment. You must provide your current policy number and valid preauthorisation code to reception when you arrive for your appointment. We are in the process of registering the facilities with the other major insurance providers.

What sort of investigation might I need?

Often no investigations are needed. Sometimes however, tests may be recommended. You will be advised of any costs of tests, investigations or procedures prior to agreeing to proceed. These could include:




Blood tests

Blood tests may be recommended as part of a work-up. They are also necessary for monitoring of certain medicines e.g. isotretinoin.


Skin sample (biopsy)

Skin samples are used to evaluate skin changes under the microscope, either a rash or inflammation or a skin lesion. The area is numbed using local anaesthetic and a skin sample removed and sent to the laboratory. Sometimes, more than one sample is recommended. It can involve stitches, although this is not always necessary, and the wound will heal like a graze instead. For any surgery, histology is mandatory and it is included in the cost of the surgical procedure.


Skin lesion excision (biopsy)

This is done to remove moles and other skin lesions. The sample is then analysed in the laboratory and a histology report is issued. This method is used to evaluate irregular or suspicious moles. Skin cancers are also removed in this way.

Can tests/procedures be done on the same day?

Yes, usually they can, including skin biopsies where it is necessary for early diagnosis. If skin surgery is being done for bothersome harmless lesions or if its for cosmetic reasons it cannot be done on the same day and you will need to book a subsequent appointment. If you have had the proposed treatment before then we may be able to do a same day procedure for you. Please let the reception team know at the time of booking so that we can get everything prepared for your procedure.

Can I book in for a dermatology appointment and have laser treatment?

Laser appointments are booked separately, with the Private Skin Laser Clinic. Please speak with reception when you are in the clinic, or call 020 4552 3100. It will not be possible to perform laser treatments, including test patches, as part of your dermatology appointment.

How much will my appointment cost?

The fees for an initial consultation are no more than £300, and for a follow-up consultation they are no more than £200. A written letter and written private prescription are included in this cost (but not the cost of the medicines). The cost of tests, investigations and procedures are not included. If you provide your email address, the current price list for tests, investigations and procedures will be emailed to you prior to your appointment. If you already know what procedure you are booking and you have a procedure code, then reception will be able to talk you through the costs at the time of booking and this will subsequently confirmed to you by email. All surgical procedure costs include histology.

What if I have a question after my appointment?

The clinic reception desk is open from 9am until 7pm on weekdays and between 9am and 3pm on Saturdays. Please call 020 8145 5556 with any queries. 

I have been referred by my GP or another doctor or dermatologist for laser treatment. How do I book an appointment?

If your referral specifies Dr Ravi Brar and you would like to book in to see him then please book an appointment by calling The Derm Rooms on 020 4552 3100. Dr Brar may recommend you booking in for a test patch on a subsequent date, after your appointment. If you would like to see Dr Mark Griffiths please call 020 8145 5556. If you would like to see Dr Rhonda Meys, please call The Derm Rooms on 020 4552 3100.  If a particular course of treatment has been recommended by your dermatologist then you can book directly with one of our senior nurses at the Private Skin Laser Clinic.

I am unable to climb stairs. Can I still be seen?

There are two flights of stairs leading to the clinic in The Derm Rooms, which are situated on the second floor of 14 Harley Street.

Dr Griffiths also has clinics at King Edward VII’s, The Lyndhurst Rooms, Royal Free Hospital or the Syon Clinic, and all of these locations have step free access. Click here for contact details.

Do you treat children?

We are not currently able to offer services to children or young adults below the age of 18 at The Derm Rooms. This will be reviewed when the opportunity arises. Dermatology services for children and young adults with Dr Griffiths are available at The Lyndhurst Rooms, Royal Free Hospital and the Syon Clinic. Click here for contact details.